About us

Firinn Consulting is an independent group with Scottish roots. Our value proposition is our deep experience, insight, knowledge and track record in business and scientific consultancy. We use this to provide additional support, expertise and critical thinking for individuals, boards, organisations, teams or projects. As required, we can call upon additional specialist expertise though out network of trusted affiliates.

What is Firinn?

Fìrinn is the Gaelic word for truth, evidence, fact or reality. We believe our name perfectly illustrates not only the honesty, authenticity and pragmatism in the consultancy and services we provide but is at the core of our business values.

Our company principles centre on:

  • Deriving clarity from complexity
  • Utilising expertise and evidence-based approaches
  • Providing insightful, honest and pragmatic solutions
  • Focusing on the needs of clients and helping them achieve their objectives

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