Training, Leadership & Coaching

Unlocking skills & talents of individuals & teams

Firinn Consulting has first-hand understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare, life sciences, devices, diagnostics, science and technology industries. We leverage our extensive business experience to provide training support crafted to meet developmental or organisational needs.

This industry and commercial expertise are combined with evidence-based techniques to provide business and executive coaching. Our action-oriented approach, coaching qualifications and experience allows us to assist individuals, boards and teams crystallise and clarify objectives that are focused on successful outcomes. We help them develop talent, reach goals, focus on growth and drive improved performance.


Training programmes and workshops can be designed to address developmental needs of individuals, teams, boards or organisations. As individual requirements differ, we work with individuals or organisations to develop bespoke offerings.

Some examples of training offerings are:

  • Presentation skills
  • Effective team working/collaboration
  • Effective communication
  • Translating science into business language

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

We adopt an evidence-based, results-focused approach to business and executive coaching. Steeped in senior level, board and NED experience and with recognised coaching qualifications, we provide actionable outcomes for clients.

Our leadership and executive coaching tends to be within one or more of the following areas, however, we tailor services depending on individual needs:

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Focus on You™ is one-to-one executive coaching, focused on establishing your individual preferences, styles and strengths which will help identify any developmental needs. Our evidence-based, action-oriented approach enables you to develop increased self-awareness and improve your developmental path for leadership roles or improve your effectiveness as a leader.

It can appear to be daunting for those who are transitioning or wish to transition from a senior manager to a Board level position or an executive position to become an NED. Having a clear direction and pathway is a key element of success. Even with experience, when entering a new board or seeking a new NED position, it can seem like a formidable task.

Board and NED Compass™ is delivered by coaches with Board/ NED experience. It is designed to help aspiring and existing leaders uncover core strengths and areas for development, as well as provide support and a direction of travel for your Board and NED journey.

Due diligence is a pre-requisite for any potential merger, acquisition or investment to establish the assets and liabilities then evaluate the commercial potential of a business. For investors, the people assets, and particularly the leaders/management team, should be a vital part of that evaluation.

Firinn offers a rigorous process to provide an assessment of the management, leadership and commercial potential of the people within the business or start-up. These comprehensive data allow an informed investment decision by identifying areas of potential risk and if necessary, enabling processes, people or training to be put in place to protect that investment.

In the business world effective team working in a traditional structure, a matrix structure and in the ever-increasing virtual working is an essential element of continued business success.

Our Focus on Us™ team-coaching provides powerful organisational support to help teams understand their individual members’ strengths and challenges and how each person can be used more effectively to collectively address the project, product or business issue.

Globally in 2019 although the number of women in senior management positions increased by 5% from the previous year, this accounted for only 29% of all roles1. Similarly, in the EU while nearly 9.4 million persons held a managerial position, only 36% of these (3.4 million) were women and only 17% of women were senior executives. In addition, women board members of publicly listed companies in the EU accounted for just over a quarter of all positions2. Although figures are improving, they fall short of gender parity. Targeted and ongoing action by businesses and a true commitment from senior leadership is required to create a sustainable change.

Our approach focuses on helping businesses address gender disparity by enabling women to enter leadership roles and develop as leaders.

1. Grant Thornton, Women in Business: Building a Blueprint for Action (2019):

2. Eurostat News Release, March 7, 2019

Psychometric evaluations can not only provide an evidence-based approach for evaluating leadership growth and performance but provide a pathway for further development. They provide valuable insights including personality, thinking, communication and leadership style, all of which are vital requirements for leadership in today’s rapidly changing and competitive environments.

Firinn selects the most appropriate tools for you, to provide in-depth individual or team analysis and reports that can be used to enhance your individual, team, board or company outcomes. Feedback is provided by coaches who are trained practitioners. We also recommend that all coaching sessions are preceded by psychometrics to provide a scientific basis for our coaching programmes.

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