Market Access

Unravelling complexity through pragmatic solutions

As the pressure on healthcare budgets continues, market access is a constantly evolving challenge for pharmaceuticals, biotechs, and MedTechs. For rare disease therapies and innovative products, the situation is even more complex and fluid with an emphasis on real-world data collection.

Having an early and realistic assessment of potential risks in market access and pricing is now essential to proactively address clinical development and evidence requirements from a payer perspective.

For in-licensing opportunities, potential market access challenges also play an increasing role in decision making as investors consider the impact of market access on a product launch. It is therefore critical to have an early evaluation of the perceived hurdles in order to develop a market access strategy that helps mitigate these risks.

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Our Services

In an environment of healthcare budget constraint, demonstrating the value of any product is challenging, especially for innovative products and rare disease therapies. Real-world evidence generation and planning are becoming a core element of reimbursement.
Understanding the environment and the stakeholder future requirements at the time of launch is key to identifying potential challenges and this forms the basis for developing a robust market access strategy that addresses payer requirements and helps mitigates risk both from a development and investment perspective.

To address this, our services focus on three inter-related areas:


We can provide a range of strategic market access consultancy to meet the requirements of our clients across the lifecycle of their products, although we have particular expertise in supporting early development products. A robust strategy is critical for healthcare investors at all stages of development.

Our holistic consulting expertise, depth of knowledge and understanding of key stakeholders, allows us to tailor our services specifically to your needs We recognise that start-up and SMEs have different requirements, therefore we work with you to optimise the type of support we can provide within your budget and time requirements.

Our core services include:

  • Strategic review and recommendations (SRR™)
  • Strategy challenge panels
  • Support for parallel consultation/multi-HTA
  • TPP development and testing
  • Mock HTA panels
  • Advisory boards/ workshops
  • Market access/HTA landscape assessments
  • Evidence strategic planning (ESP™) – methodology for market access strategy and evidence generation plans
  • Top-line pricing determination
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative primary insights (payers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, patients/carers/ patient organisations)
  • Internal training (e.g. market access, value proposition implementation, negotiation)

Our experience and wide external network facilitate a deep understanding of the key stakeholder requirements (patients, carers, payers, policymakers and healthcare professionals). This allows us to articulate and tailor the value proposition for your product then prepare a path to support the communication of this value through a variety of tactics.

Our core support includes:

  • Value proposition development & testing
  • Early Evidence Dossiers
  • Global Value dossiers
  • Objection handlers
  • Evidence/ market access communication plans
  • Evidence pyramids™, slide sets and publications

A critical component of the market access strategy is understanding the policy landscape for the market and therapy area in which a product is expected to launch. This is particularly true for innovative therapies and rare diseases where policies, reimbursement processes and value determination are constantly evolving. Engaging with all key stakeholders, as early as possible, to create a dialogue is essential. Early engagement with patients, is still underutilised but can help improve clinical development, health technology assessment and market access plans by providing invaluable insights of living with the disease, the outcomes of most relevance, and the advantages/disadvantages of existing products/therapies.

We can proactively analyse the landscape, align and contextualise your thinking from a market access perspective, to prepare a comprehensive early market access strategy and value proposition that has maximum impact.

Our services include:

  • Policy landscape assessments
  • Multi-stakeholder research and engagement (including workshops and advisory boards)
  • Policy communications and publications

Our Difference

Firinn Consulting is passionate about accelerating patient access to treatments by providing senior-led strategic market access, pricing, and reimbursement solutions. Our holistic experience, external expert network and deep understanding of the market access landscape, provides you with a strategic approach focused on addressing your key issues. This saves you valuable time and resources, allowing you to direct your efforts on areas of most importance.

Our distinguishing features are:

Clients benefit from our wealth of expertise, disease area and industry knowledge. A principal consultant with over 25 years’ experience and a track record of achievement, can quickly understand and assess challenges then provide high-quality advice and valuable insights to guide you to a solution.

We have worked in a diverse range of disease areas, have in-depth experience of the main therapy areas and extensive experience within cardiology, oncology, haematology and rare diseases. In addition, we have worked on emerging areas such as cell and gene therapy, small molecules, immunotherapies and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Our extensive experience combined with strong technical and analytic capabilities means we quickly get to the heart of an issue. We analyse the details, consider the commercial context, shape discussions, challenge thinking and work with you to formulate and deliver the most appropriate solutions.

We focus precisely on your needs to provide a senior-led, value-added, yet bespoke expert solution.

In addition, our wide external network of payer, clinician, policy and patient organisations allows us to tap into the latest market developments, assess your specific product challenges then provide the most pragmatic solutions.

We value our clients and know how important it is to form trusted relationships based on truth, honesty and integrity. Our role is to partner with you to provide timely advice, excellent senior-led customer service and high-quality solutions that address your specific challenges. Our reputation is based on your success.